an overview of pricing

Whether you send once a week or once a year, you’ll find ego has a suitable billing option for you.


campaigns to 5 or less people are always free

Want to give ego a try without spending any cash? If you set up a campaign, and send it to 5 or less people, then it is completely free. So you can change all the settings, import campaigns, manage your lists and view the reporting without even entering a credit card.


choose from "pay per campaign" and "pay per month"

From your account, you can individually select from two billing methods. They are “pay per campaign” and “monthly pricing”.


pay per campaign

In this model, each campaign is paid for upfront and varies depending on the number of subscribers. A campaign is an email sent to one or more subscriber lists at once. The pricing model is a nominal fixed delivery fee per campaign plus a charge per recipient.


There is a one-off set-up fee for each template.


when should i choose “pay per campaign”?

If you email irregularly, or don’t want to commit to an ongoing cost, paying for each campaign could mean a lower cost, and no risk in trying it out. If you don’t want to email this month, then you don’t pay anything.


what are email credits?

If you want the flexibility of pay per campaign, but are sending in very high volumes and want a bulk discount, you can purchase email credits upfront.


When you send a campaign, we will use your credits instead of charging your credit card. We charge a 500 credit delivery fee and then 1 credit for every recipient for each campaign.


pay per month

The other option is to select a monthly plan. In this model, there is an upfront charge each month depending on the number of active subscribers in your account. This monthly charge pays for an unlimited number of campaigns (at the lower levels), or a large number of emails sent at the higher levels. There is a one-off set-up fee for each template.


An active subscriber is one who is on a list and not unsubscribed, deleted or bounced out, meaning they will receive any emails sent to that list. To determine the total number of active subscribers, we just add up the active subscribers in all of your subscriber lists.


when should I choose “monthly pricing”?

If you are sending regularly, or quite frequently, then a monthly charge can reduce the costs.


how do I pay you?

We accept credit cards for both pay per campaign and monthly charges. You can enter your credit card details under ‘account settings’ in advance, or wait until you need to pay and you’ll be asked for your card then.


what if I don’t have a credit card?

In most cases, credit cards are the only option we offer, but if you are purchasing credits in high volume (200,000 email credits or more) then we can arrange other options.



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